New England Fieldstone

Starting at $45.00 per ton delivered!

  • Origin: Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.
  • Color Range: Salt-and-pepper grays, tans and browns.
  • Features: A blend of roundish and blocky shapes. Generally a hard stone that can be shaped and manipulated with a hammer and chisel.

    Wall Run: 8″ – 30″ Starting at $45.00 per ton delivered.             
    One-Man: 8″ – 18″ Starting at $69.00 per ton delivered.
    Two-Man: 18″ – 30″ Starting at $57.00 per ton delivered.
    Boulders: 30″ + Starting at $45.00 per ton delivered.

Fast and Economical way to build great looking retaining walls. Please contact us today for pricing at (508) 366-5296 or (774) 267-1560. Above pricing INCLUDES delivery to many RI and MA areas. Call for pricing to an exact location. Delivery is also available to CT, NH, ME, and VT. Unloading services are available for an additional fee.                                                                     
                                                                            *The Natural Landscape is not responsible for site inspection.*




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